Time the Market with SmartUPRO

Introducing SmartUPRO

I have had a lot of requests for a SmartUPRO algo over the years and I was finally able to put one together that does a decent job of capturing upturns in the market while avoiding the biggest downturns. This algo would have been able to successfully navigate Volmageddon in 2018 as well Great Virus Crisis of 2020. It got out on February 21st right before the big drop this year. GAGR is about 25% per year with annual drawdowns of less than -20%. Best trade is 100% with winning trades only 46% of the time. It has had only one bad year in the back test – 2015 which featured a very fast late year drop followed by a lackluster rally. This algo is like a playoff home-run hitter. It may strike out a few times but when the big opportunity comes, it scores. I think it is a great complement to our short volatility algos SmartSVXY and UltraSVXY which struggled in 2018 and 2019 with Trump induced volatility. Those years were much better for the S&P 500 which was specifically targeted by Trump. SmartUPRO algo would have done a good job of capturing those big Trump-driven SPX runs.

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Now the key question is when will SmartUPRO turn on again?



SmartVXX Comes Back With Vengeance – near 300% trade in March!

SmartVXX is an algo that needs a bear market to work and it did just that with during the Great Virus Crisis of 2020. After being mostly silent for 4 long years, and after many people were asking me “What’s the point of this algo?”, it sent a VXX BUY signal on February 24th and has racked up a nearly 300% gain during this historic SPX downturn. This is by far the best trade any of our algos has ever had. We had to wait 4 years for that one! SmartVXX made up all the losses over the past 4 years and is now up 116% since 2016. SmartVXX is also well ahead of the S&P 500 as the SPY is up only about 20% since 2016 after this big downturn. This is the power of long volatility well timed.

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If you are looking for a way to hedge the big market downturns, SmartVXX tells you when you need to do that. As many are discovering right now, this is a very valuable information to have. SmartVXX has misfired in the past, but if we have a prolonged downturn, you want to know when SmartVXX is on so you can protect your portfolios. If SmartVXX gets whiplashed that is also valuable information in itself because it tells you that we are not in a prolonged downturn and a V shaped SPX rally may be under way



An Algo for All Seasons

With SmartUPRO we have finally completed our suite of market timing algos. SmartSVXY did great in 2016 and 2017 during the extended low volatility regime before the tax cuts, but failed to capture any returns in 2018 and 2019 once Trump started the trade war with China. SmartUPRO would have worked where SmartSVXY didn’t in 2018 and 2019. SmartVXX showed in 2020 that it can nail the big bad bear market. Whether we have bull markets or bear markets, high volatility regimes or low volatility regimes, our suite of algos can deliver a signal that can be valuable to you.

From 2016 through today (March 18th, 2020), all of our algos have dramatically outperformed SPY, VXX and SVXY. Both VXX and SVXY have lost massive amounts of money over the past 4 years. SPY is barely holding onto gains. Timing the markets is the only way to survive a volatile US government successfully.

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Given the rout in the markets, investors need to know when it is safe to get back into the markets again. That is where our algos can help you.








VIXCONTANGO.com is a leading provider of trading analytics and algorithms for VIX futures and S&P 500 index products. The website has had over 1 million page views and over 40,000 investors have visited it since its inception in 2015. We publish weekly and daily investment newsletters that provide an overview of the investment landscape from the perspective of a volatility investor. VIX futures are based on the CBOE S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) which is widely known as the “Fear Index”. The VIX futures market is one of the fastest growing asset classes with over $4 billion in daily trading volume. VIX futures products offer market beating returns during periods of market calm and protection during periods of market panic. To learn more about us and our strategies, you can follow us on twitter or visit our website.

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